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Nike Flyknit Racer Macaroon Pack – “Pistachio”

Was a toss up between the blue and green versions from this pack, but ultimately settled on the green, and I\’m glad I did.  As someone who has a larger foot, one of the things I love most about racers is how streamlined they are.  Often times certain colorways will come out that look killer in a size 8 or 9, but a size 13 will have you looking like Ronald McDonald.  Never a problem with the racers.  The colour, comfort, and breathability make this the perfect summer sneaker.

They sold out pretty quickly in my size on, luckily I was able to score a W at Livestock

Laces by BOOSTVIBES on adidas sneakers

Level Up Your Laces!

Whether it’s a fresh pair or your everyday beaters, one of the best ways to freshen up your footwear is with a new pair of laces.

I recently bought a few pairs of boostVIBES laces from Rope Lace Supply, and immediately re-laced a few pairs of my Boosts.  Maybe not as much fun as getting a whole new pair of sneakers, but in my opinion the next best thing (and costs a lot  less money).

Check out or to level up your laces!

New Reebok Collab

Footwear and fashion might not be go-to platforms for public conversations about issues beyond trends and popular style, but the world of sneakers offers an opportunity to talk to a particular range of people.

ans and collectors from disparate communities all come together in the passion of collecting footwear (like a rainbow Venn diagram), and that includes communities with contemporary tensions or violent histories. For his first few pairs of Reebok Classic Leathers, Kendrick focused on the strife between gangs in his hometown of Compton, Los Angeles.

  • The two colors of the Bloods and Crips, red and blue, coexisted on each pair of shoes
  • The ongoing collaboration on Reebok Classic Leathers ended in 2016
  • No two hues are further apart than black and white

The new sneaker is a riff on the Club C that seem pretty simple off the bat, with a bleached denim upper and white sole. But the discourse is in the details. According to Reebok, Kendrick chose the bleached black denim as a representation of mystery and anonymity, but also the commingling and coexistence of two very different colors.

This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages.

As a part of those releases, Kendrick and Reebok even produced a video of former gang members discussing their pasts and how they’re working to leave the violence behind and make green.

Most Stylish Running Shoes

For a great running shoe, obviously you want to make comfort and performance your number one priority. Fortunately we live in an age when comfort and performance don’t have to mean compromising on good looks.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best sneakers from the past year that actually deliver on aesthetics—and that don’t sell out immediately upon release. If you’re a runner who likes to look his best while running, these are the 10 sneakers to do it in. And if you’re not a runner? Well, here are some shoes to make people think that you are.

  • Camouflage tends to cycle in and out of style
  • Normally we love textural shifts
  • The limited sneaker will only be available at the Amsterdam store

One of the most unconventional Air Jordans of the Tinker Hatfield era—and also his last sneaker at Jordan during his reign as lead designer—the Air Jordan XV has struggled to find the wide popularity that other silhouettes like the 1 and III have.

That inspiration allows the brand to continually revisit colorways from the first year of Jordan sneakers

Like on the original AJ1, the upper is mostly white, with hits of black all over the sneaker—most prominently on the toe. Red appears in a more subdued way this time, showing up only in the Flywires and elements of the midsole.

Adidas Crazylight Boost

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 performance review is now available for your viewing and reading pleasure. If you need a CrazyLight Boost 2016 performance review from a big man’s perspective

The dual density rubber setup worked perfectly with the pattern used. With the solid black section, on the colorway worn, is a pretty dense rubber which is durable and works well even when dust is present. Everything that you see that is white rubber is a much softer rubber; it’s a more pliable compound that gripped like crazy.

  • Traction – The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016
  • Cushion – Full length Boost is finally available in a basketball shoe
  • Materials – The pair I’ve been wearing features Primeknit

The only real difference between the two is that the Primeknit version doesn’t have a tongue. Instead, it features a neoprene section that makes the upper similar to one-piece construction. This is great for lockdown and containment, but it doesn’t allow you to customize the fit much.

Lockdown is incredible, especially in the heel. The forefoot, as mentioned above, is pretty snug so lockdown there is great.

If you love playing in low tops then you’re going to love these. If you’re scared of playing in low tops then you’re going to want to try these.